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What People want to do with Brooke Shields

  • Would really like to know how her big sexy feet would I slowly tickled them while they trembled from the touch of my fingers. Would also like to know how much my shaft would tremble...from the sensations of her oiled arches giving me a long, slow footjob.
  • I want to tickle her big bare feet.
  • Explain to Brooke that she can't act. She needs to sell her body and I would gladly pay her for sucking my cock.
  • Tell her she is number four in my all time celebrity wank list.
  • I want to start up a company in the city of Brooke, West Virginia that makes shielding for insulated pipes. I would name the company BROOKE SHIELDS, INC.. And to avoid a lawsuit I would pay royalties to Brooke Shields for letting me use her name.
  • Make her autograph my rock hard cock with her mouth.
  • Cut off that big fuckin' head of hers, put it in a bowling bag, and throw it in my closet.
  • Brooke. Sorry for the misunderstanding. The party i was speaking about is the one that going to start between your legs. Now let's drop the skirt so I can start taking care of my business. Give me three good hours of your best sex and I will not take youy down to the dungeon tonight. If not I will have you on webcam as i will let you know who the boss is then. Assume the doggy position and let's begin.
  • Hey Brooke. Any chance you'll be signed on with the service this weekend. Love for you to come over so I can have some playtime with that great fucking body of yours.
  • I wanked myself dry over Brooke in The Blue Lagoon
  • Loves to be fucked hard in the wheel barrel position. Banging Brooke is a paradise vacation.
  • Tie her down, naked and spread eagle on my four poster bed, and tickle her clit with a feather, never allowing her to cum
  • Fuck her from behind so I have good veiw of her ass and legs. While I am making her moan with my cock I slowly slide one then two fingers into her beauty asshole and we come together like motherfuckers!
  • Have her suck my semen from Pam Dawber's freshly fucked snatch while I stretch her bunghole.
  • Shave her eyebrows
  • Make her smell a fart from Mr. T!
  • explain to her that she stopped being hot right around the time she turned 16
  • Brooke is 6'0 and 160lbs. 35-26-37 She's beautiful manly woman. A big woman.
  • I'd love to watch her fucking Sandra Bullock and/or Denise Richards
  • I'd like squeeze her small titties and have anal sex with her. After that she'd be happy to lick my cock clean.
  • Tell her to get implants and fast cause she's too flat!
  • I'd like to tell her that she's the hottest she-male in Hollywood! I'd also like her to suck my johnson cause that's her real "job" in Hollywood.
  • Climb those long beautiful legs of hers and eat her pussy for hours and then make love to her real slow.
  • Make her fart on the set of Blue Lagoon
  • I would like to did she really have sex with pornstar Jeanna Fine!
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